“The Monopolized Project” Press Release

The Black Art Fanatic

“The Monopolized Project”

A Journey Into Blackness Through The Lens Of The Classic Monopoly Board Game.

the monopolized press release 2


August 15, 2017


“The Monopolized Project” vividly presents a portrait of Black life in America. “Monopolized,” the film, chronicles the journey of an artist collective as they channel their personal, yet unmistakably familiar experiences in blackness. Observe as the artists traverse the simulation of an all too real and dangerous game of survival based upon the principles of the popular board game. The objective of this heinous high stakes game is to win; however obstacles abound. Players must defy the corrupted rules, conquer the dangerous terrain, and defeat the capitalist operating system in order to save their humanity. Get immersed in this alternate reality and experience how the monopolized harness the power to deconstruct the capitalist model and spawn a remarkable and unforeseen phenomena, the survival of blackness. What are…

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